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Welcome back

I love walking around campus in late August and seeing the mix of new and returning students arriving on campus, parents dropping off freshmen at the dorms, and faculty and staff getting ready for the… Read More

More than a mascot

I confess: I love Bucky Badger. Not only is he a great mascot who cheers our teams on the field, he also shows up for student award ceremonies, he is here to welcome new students… Read More

Busting myths about UW-Madison

High school seniors across Wisconsin are currently trying to decide where they want to apply to college. What percentage of Wisconsin residents who apply to UW-Madison would you guess are accepted to our campus? Less… Read More

Reflections on Five Years

I’ll admit to being a little surprised to realize that as of today, July 20, I will have been here at UW–Madison for five years. In addition to having been gifted a beautiful German chocolate… Read More

Welcoming new colleagues to UW-Madison

This month marks a significant expansion for our campus as Cooperative Extension, Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), Wisconsin Public Television (WPT), UW-Extension Conference Centers and Mailing Services, and the Department of Labor Education all become part… Read More