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From Chancellor Ward: Updating the Wisconsin Idea

Technology Transfer

Working with industry and government agencies, UW-Madison faculty and staff strive to share the results of university applied and direct research for real-world application. Technology transfer often results in the creation of new products or the improvement of existing ones, the development of new methods for solving industrial problems, and the translation of the latest technological advances into practical uses.

Economic Development

Whether it's sharing knowledge with industry or forming partnerships with businesses, the outreach activities of UW-Madison contribute to the economic health of the state and its citizens. The examples highlight some of the direct ways the university helps the economy of the state.

Providing Expertise

Specialized knowledge created and developed at UW-Madison makes its way to all corners of Wisconsin through many public service activites and programs. The examples demonstrate both individual and collective efforts to share expertise for the betterment of the State.

In Partnership with Schools

Investing in the future of Wisconsin through its children is a top priority for UW-Madison faculty and staff, as seen in these educational efforts designed for children and in partnerships with the K-12 school system.

Outreach and Continuing Education

Offering literally thousands of formal classes and training opportunities each year, continuing education opportunities mean that a UW-Madison education isn't just for college students.

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