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Third-Year Progress Report Campus Strategic Framework 2011–2012

Progress on Our Priorities

This report focuses on noteworthy progress achieved during the third year of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s five-year strategic framework. First introduced in 2009, the framework guides our work, articulating five priority areas that together advance the university’s long-term vision:

The University of Wisconsin–Madison will be a model public university in the 21st century, serving as a resource to the public, and working to enhance the quality of life in the state, the nation, and the world.

More than ever, public higher education must confront the challenge of providing high-quality research and education while navigating a shifting and ever-decreasing resource base. UW–Madison is no exception. Self-help is part of the solution and that involves change. How we change presents us with an exhilarating opportunity. Not changing is clearly not an option.

Many of your colleagues have been engaged in three campuswide efforts that together will help preserve and enhance our institution, move our university forward into a new era of greater self-sufficiency and self-determination, and ensure we have the talent that is critical to maintaining our world-class status. These initiatives leverage our culture of shared governance, collaboration, innovation, and social responsibility. Through them we are developing a comprehensive approach to the strategic priorities of resource stewardship.

Educational Innovation is designed to maintain the university’s responsiveness to student interest and need, provide a platform for incorporating the latest academic advances, and empower faculty and staff to create a campus environment that enhances learning and research excellence while creating new instructional/learning capacities and revenue.

The Administrative Excellence project is a transformational approach to help fill our growing revenue gap and ensure wise use of our resources. It is dedicated to improving the administrative organization of the campus and balancing cost savings, while creating the highest quality of service to the university.

The Human Resources Design Project aims to ensure that UW–Madison has the ability to attract, develop, and retain the exceptional and diverse talent we need to maintain our position as one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions.

For more than twenty years, we have asked the campus to look to our strategic priorities to guide decisions and action plans. Some of the accomplishments are highlighted in this report, along with key measurements that we track year to year to identify growth and pinpoint areas that need our attention.

We know that our achievements reflect the work of extraordinary people — the students, faculty, and staff who are generating ideas, making discoveries, embracing new programs, earning degrees, and sustaining our unique Badger spirit every day. Thank you for all that you do as we move forward.

Interim Chancellor David Ward
Provost Paul DeLuca

Third-Year Progress Report

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