Chancellor Blank’s Archived Blog 2013-2022

A Blog by UW–Madison Chancellor Becky Blank


A Final Blog

May 31 is my last day in the office here at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I admit to feeling a bit wistful as I realize how many friends and colleagues will no longer… Read More

Sustainability at UW-Madison

Weather-related issues that are likely linked to climate change are in the news almost daily. As many of you know, we’ve been working to make the UW-Madison campus more sustainable and resilient over the past decade. In… Read More

Meeting the continuing challenge of Covid-19

On Tuesday, we will begin our fifth semester operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. I share everyone’s frustration that the virus continues to negatively affect our lives, both at home and on campus. We are clearly at a point where institutions and public health agencies worldwide are beginning to plan for how to live and operate alongside COVID as it continues to evolve.