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A Strategic Framework 2015–2019

Our Strategic Priorities and Initiatives

Among the world’s leading universities, the University of Wisconsin–Madison is distinctive in its scale and breadth, the premium we place on our relevance to society, and our commitment to inclusivity in the broadest sense. The combination of these attributes enables us to be fully equipped to address the complex problems facing the modern world.

The strategic framework outlined here is designed to chart a course for 2015–2019 that will not only protect our legacy of research, teaching, and public service, but also will encourage new ideas from all corners of the campus and transform our state, nation, and world.

This framework has evolved from a rigorous self-study conducted in 2009 during the university’s reaccreditation process. We experienced significant achievements in key priorities that served as the core of our 2009–2014 framework, and that very success convinced us to continue along this path as we begin the next five years. The priorities have been updated to build on our momentum and to take bold steps toward our vision.

We believe that the next five years offer enormous potential and promise for UW–Madison, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

Rebecca Blank, Chancellor

Sarah C. Mangelsdorf, Provost

Strategic Framework

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