Blank responds to legislative action on UW budget

Chancellor Blank commented on the Joint Finance Committee’s action on the UW System budget in a news article posted today, expressing concern about changes to governance and tenure provisions.

“Many across campus have raised significant and legitimate questions and concerns about the proposed changes to shared governance and tenure,” she said. “I share those questions and concerns and am eager to see the actual language so that we can understand the precise impact of the proposed changes.”

“An inclusive, transparent governance process brings the best ideas to the forefront, builds consensus, and helps improve decision making,” Blank said. “I strongly believe that universities run best when there is broad consultation, and fully expect that this will continue as has historically been the case at UW-Madison.

“Similarly, tenure protections are vital to our ability to attract and retain the best students, faculty and staff and have served the people of Wisconsin well over many decades,” Blank said.